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Jah9, Janine Cunningham
Jah9, Janine Cunningham
Jah9 (press pic from,

A different kind of interview with reggae artist Jah9, Jamaica.

It’s Xmas, almost, so i got to come with a present for my readers. Here we go with the Offbeat interview i have done with female Roots Reggae artist Janine Cunningham better known as Jah9 back in August 2013. Enjoy and merry Xmas to everybody.

Socialdread: here are you at the moment?

Jah9: At home resting.

Where would you like to be?

On a beach in Portland, Jamaica!

Stage or Studio?


Marcia Griffiths or Sister Nancy?

I am more familiar with Marcia and LOVE her music. But Muma Nancy has an incredible style and assertiveness that I connect with more!

Sound System or live music?

Each has it’s place. Especially love hearing vintage roots on vinyl from the big speakers. But Live Music … Is organic medicine.

What’s your message?

Seek the kingdom first – find it within.

The youth of today should …

… read more and take responsibility for their education. Learn about their true story. And be confident in themselves.

Back in the old days Reggae was …

… rich and unadulterated.

Which job would you have if you were not making music?

Special Ops in the military :)

Where are you going?


Thank you very much. Special request for making it happen.

More about Jah9

Female Roots Reggae artist Janine Cunningham aka Jah9 „… has been credited as the creator of the Jazz on Dub genre. Her vocals blend the Jazz melodies of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone with the Dancehall attack of Sizzla Kalongi above the heavy Dub rhythm akin to Augustus Pablo.“ In 2013 Janine released her first album named New Name, which became something like an instant classic. Please follow Jah9 on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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