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A different kind of interview with PATKO from Grenoble, France.

I am back with a brandnew Offbeat interview featuring French reggae artist PATKO. In May 2013 he came to my attention with his massiv tune „Just Take It Easy“ , which will make it to my best reggae tunes 2013 list for sure.

Where are you at the moment?

Right now I’m in France in my home studio recording some new tracks and dubplates.

Where would you like to be?

I would like to be in the jungles of South America – the place where I was raise. Being close to the nature is one peaceful thing that we can find in this world.

Sound System or Band?

Well band, even though I know that for financial reasons most young promoters have no choice but to book a sound system.

What’s your message?

In France there are a lot of problems between people from different races or cultures. My message is that individuals who are racist need to accept the fact that the world has evolved. We must each find a way to live with our brother in peace, regardless of our differences. French history shows that many races fought for this country’s freedom. African, West Indian, Senegalese and so many more all helped us to get the freedom that we enjoy today. As brothers and sisters we must live together in unity, with peace, love and respect, and teach our children to do the same.

The youth of today should …

… live their own experiences. That does not mean that they should not listen to their elders. They should accept guidance, but they should explore the world and determine what defines them as individuals so that they, by extension, can accept our differences as doing the same.

Reggae in France is like …

… a struggling artist. In France most of the venues don’t want to hear about reggae. This is due to problems that they may have had with Jamaican artists. For many of them it is all about attitude and the hype, but the French love artists who stay close to the people. That is why greats such as Max Romeo is a favourite reggae artist. That may be also why some French bands that have no real true talent will “buss” big – they know how to give the people what they need. Another problem is that, like Bob Marley said, many people still see reggae as rebel music. That is why as a reggae artist you have to be very careful of the message that you portray.

Which job would you have if you were not making music?

I must say that I am feeling very blessed to be doing music, even if it’s hard when you have bills to pay. If I wasn’t making music I would probably be doing a job that involved helping people in some way.

Where are you going?

Where I’m going now ? Now here at all. Just working on some dubplates for Socialdread, bless and love respect.

Thank you very much. Special request for making it happen.

More about Patko

PATKO was born in Surinam, South America and is based in Grenoble, France today. In April 2013 he released his first album named „Just Take It Easy“. He has worked with a lot of reggae artists from French Guiana like Lyricson, Straka D and Tiwony. To stay updated follow PATKO at facebook and twitter.

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