Offbeat feat. Gili Yalo (Zvuloon Dub System)

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Gili Yalo (Zvuloon Dub System)
Gili Yalo (Zvuloon Dub System)
Gili Yalo (Zvuloon Dub System)

A different kind of interview with Gili Yalo, lead singer of Zvuloon Dub System. Following Micah Shemaiah it is Gili Yalo who answers the Offbeat interview questions today. Gili is the lead singer of the awesome Roots Reggae Band Zvuloon Dub System from Tel Aviv, Israel. You will find more information about them at the end of the interview.

Where are you at the moment?

Sitting at home playing my guitar.

Where would you like to be?

I would like to be on the stage of a big festival, playing with the band.

Stage or Studio?

Stage! There’s nothing in this world like the energy between the audience and the artists. When I’m on the stage it’s like I’m in a different world, I can be myself, I can do whatever I want, for me it’s the ultimate freedom.

Ranking Levy oder Ranking Joe?

I like them both. Ranking Joe is the best Jamaican deejay who lives today. I’m really honored to collaborate with such a big artist. No other deejay today brings the original Jamaican deejay style the way Joe does. For now we have only worked together in the studio and I hope to have the opportunity to perform with him on stage as well.

On the other hand Ranking Levy is one of the best deejay’s of the young generation, he brings his own unique style to his work and he does it great! Levy is a very good friend of ours and we like to work together whenever we can.

Vinyl or MP3?

Vinyl sounds perfect, we have our one label Med.Tone Records and we insist to press our music on vinyl. It gives the music the right sound, but in today’s world you can’t work only with vinyl so we offer our music on mp3 as well.

What’s your message?

Love love and more love.

The youth of today should …

… lead us to a brighter tomorrow.

Back in the old days Reggae was …

… fresh and full of culture. When you listen to all the great music that came from the island in the golden age of the 70’s and the early 80’s you can hear the genius of the musicians, producers and sound engineers who created it back in those days. It’s amazing that so much great music came out of such a small island, and this music had a big influence on the international music industry.

Which job would you have if you were not making music?

Soccer coach.

Special request to Asaf (Drummer), Gili and the band for making it happen.

More about Zvuloon Dub System

Zvuloon Dub System is an 8 piece Reggae band with some of the cream of Israeli underground musicians. Adopting their name from one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the band was formed in 2006 by the Smilan brothers. Last year they released the must have debut album „Freedom Time“, followed by a 12inch feat. Ranking Joe and Cornel Campbell. Find out more about Zvuloon Dub System at their website, become a fan at Facebook and listen to their unique music at Bandcamp, watch them at Youtube.

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