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Micah Shemaiah
Micah Shemaiah
Micah Shemaiah

A different kind of interview with Roots Reggae artist Micah Shemaiah.

Today sees the start of a new interview serie at House of Reggae. I named it Offbeat due to the fact, that it won’t be your average talk about background, influencers and thing. 10 short questions, 10 short answers. Here we go with Micah Shemaiah, an amazing Roots Reggae artist from Kingston, Jamaica. He caught my attention because of his massive Rockers styled tune „Dread At The Control“.

Where are you at the moment?

Kingston, Jamaica.

Where would you like to be?

On a stage in front of 20 million people, singing Jah music.

Stage or Studio?


Bob Marley or Dennis Brown?

Both play a different role in my development.

Bass or Guitar?


What’s your message?

Oneness and Africa now.

The youth of today should …

… know themselves, know where ourstory not history is coming from. Also they should strike the balance between the material and spiritual world.

Back in the old days Reggae was …

… saving lifes. The music was true and spiritually enlightening, heavenly even.

Which job would you have if you were not making music?

Teaching music.

Where are you going?

To Zion.

Special request to Micah and his manager Kemesha for making it happen.

More about Micah Shemaiah

Micah Shemaiah is doing a Rockers collaborative album entitled „Shalalack“ to be released this year. He is also putting together the final tracks for his acoustic album entitled „Acu Africa“ (To Hear Africa) to be released as well. Find out more about him at Facebook, follow him on Twitter and listen to him at ReverbNation.

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