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Kunterbunt Soundsystem
Kunterbunt Soundsystem
Kunterbunt Soundsystem

Real reggae sound systems is back with another great interview. For twelve years Kunterbunt Soundsystem run things in Germany.

Since when do you run Kunterbunt Soundsystem?

Kunterbunt was born in the year 2000 at DJ sessions between Hip Hop, Reggae and Funk. The first real Kunterbunt session where we just played Reggae music was in the year 2002 and we called it “Chant down Babylon”. A nice start into the sound system culture.

Why did you start to run a sound?

At first there was the love to music and especially the nice and lovely vibes from the Reggae culture. Kunterbunt Soundsystem wanted to bring people from different cultures together. I&I have a mission! We want to entertain and to educate the massive in an authentic sound system session. That means conscious lyrics, rocking riddims and a deep bassline.

I&I massive have to feel the power in the music, they have to overstand the meaning and the words inside. We can say that we did a perfect job, when the people go home after a Kunterbunt session with a smile on their face, positive memories in their head and more consciousness.

Kunterbunt Soundsystem Set
Kunterbunt Soundsystem Set

How long did it take you to build up the current set of Kunterbunt Soundsystem?

We never stopped to build boxes. It’s a journey over many years and when you run the system you want to build another! For example: it took seven month for Culturegreen to build up four scoops. It´s good when you have enough time to build your boxes without a date where you need a finished system – there´s always something taking your time.

Who belongs to your crew and what is his function?

Kunterbunt is a foundation of many friends and helpers but there are some guys who are inside over many years. CultureGreen (founder, selector, engineer, illustrator for the art work and webpage, organizer, and a little bit of working in the studio), Beaver (founder, selector, studioworker / producer BeaverDub), GorilaMC (singer, and producer) and Mathias (trumpet player).

Kunterbunt Soundsystem Crew
Kunterbunt Soundsystem Crew

How often do you play the full set during a year?

We are playing around ten times with the full set. Sometimes with a huge stock of decoration and a vegan foodstall to make a nice and healthy atmosphere.

What was the longest journey you have done with Kunterbunt Soundsystem?

I&I remember the first Dub Academy in Munich (2008). That was a long, long journey! 700 km with an old Benz (80 km/h) full of boxes and amps. Big up and give thanks to Kibish Tribe, the founder of the German Dub Academy. And we have every year a good journey to the cologne bay where we build up the official Chillout Area in Dub for the Summerjam Festival.

Kunterbunt Soundsystem @ Summerjam Reggae Festival 2012
Kunterbunt Soundsystem @ Summerjam Reggae Festival

Please name your top 5 tunes, that should be played on a proper sound system, only.

We don’t play every time the same songs but we have some records that we are carrying every time to the sessions: The Revolutionaries “Kunta Kinte”, Yabby You “Jah is watching you”, Lyrical Benji “Rastaman Style” EP on King Shiloh. Homegrown productions are our favorites.

Do you run something else next to the soundsystem?

The next steps… we want to play more abroad and want to start a Dub Club at the Ruhrgebiet in the west of Germany. But it´s hard to find a venue to do a real sound system session. Starting a label is an idea that we got in our minds for a long time cause we got a big stock of homegrown tunes, a studio and everything else.

But the record-market is a hard place in times of mp3 downloads and laptop DJ´s. Maybe we have a record cutter in the next time to start an underground record market. You can hear our tunes on the sessions and it´s great for us to play personal music. Time will tell.

Any suggestions for people who would like to start their own sound system?

We are very happy to hear from new sound systems in Germany and in the rest of the beautiful world. We want to say to all soundboys: DO IT but do it right! A sound system is a business for your whole live! You need a big stock of time, love, friends and money. But we need more sound systems. Every town needs a sound! They save a big culture in the nightlife. A sound system session is place to be free, to release stress and negativities and to get new energy .It’s a community ting without big bad doormans a overstyled clubs!

Technical rider of Kunterbunt Soundsystem


  • Technics and Reloop RP6000 (turntable)
  • Mixer: Vestax Dj Mixer, Mackie 16 Channels (mixer)
  • old CD player Noname
  • Shure SM58 (mic)


  • KMT
  • Nova
  • ChinaStuff (T-Amps)
  • and Noname


  • Beyma CP22 (Hi)
  • CD Horn + BMS 4554 (MidHi)
  • 10” Fane Sovereign 10-300 (HiMid)
  • Fane (Mid)
  • RCF (KickBass)
  • Secret (SubBass)


  • Spring Reverbs (selfmade)
  • Roland Boss RE-20
  • Monarch DigitalDelay
  • Peavy DigitalDelay,
  • Zoom Multieffect
  • Sirens selfmade and bought
  • Syndrum
  • Sampler

Kunterbunt Soundsystem in Session

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