iLLBiLLY HiTEC feat. Longfingah in Indien: Meeting Reggae Rajahs

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Longfingah in Indien (c) Thomas Mulsow

Nice one! We got to a place we had never thought of being on tour. Our idea was to play south america or the states.Now we are in Delhi, India. Def not a place we imagined showing our music.

After getting of the plane and through customs, we are finaly having a breath of the smoggy fresh air. Our promoter Mohammed of Reggae Rajahs, the first indian sound system, and a bunch of new friends gave us an idea of indian hospitality: „Hey guys, sit down and relax, the barbeque is done soon.“ And who would have thought the three bottle of whiskey we had to get them were meant to be for that first night we are talking about. Nice again!

Reggae Rajahs Studio (c) Thomas Mulsow
Reggae Rajahs Studio (c) Thomas Mulsow

Right after, we enjoyed a powernap in a three bed basement room and hit for a session with Masala (Poland), Reggae Rajahs and Humble The Poet (Canada). We build a wicked collaboration riddim, as if it´s the first thing you would think of, hitting India …NOT!

Masala in Indien (c) Thomas Mulsow
Masala in Indien (c) Thomas Mulsow

Anyhow, crazy business „I´m on the phone all day“ Mohammed is a talent in gently forcing you to be down for all. He´s is def one of the good ones … cause the turn out is interesting and out soon!

Then it came, our first show ever in India. I didn´t know what to think during playing. I thought of it being the shit playing India, but then I saw people not dancing on the parts that people hype in Europe, but they liked the others. Funny one! It gave me some hard times, which I sure prefer than having sure shots.

Interesting one! For a good party! In fact we found out afterwards, that people realy digged the show. It makes us look forward tomorrow a lot! Pune calling..

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