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Jah Vibes Soundsystem Crew
Jah Vibes Soundsystem Crew

This is real reggae sound systems part three with Jah Vibes Soundsystem, a heavy weight force based in Cologne, Germany.
Since when do you run Jah Vibes Soundsystem?

Sister Adilisha / Selectress: The first session we did with a proper set and the people that are involved now was H.I.M. Earthday session in 2009. So I would say this is the true start of Jah Vibes Soundsystem though I was involved in few events with other people under the same name before, but without the set.

Why did you start to run a soundsystem?

In Cologne there are not so many Roots & Culture dances with a proper soundsystem. In 2005 I got desparate and bought a jts siren to have some fun at home at least. Somehow everything developed from there. I love roots sound from long time and it is a way for me to give thanks to JAH for life and blessings and an opportunity to hail up H.I.M. Qädamawi Haile Selassie.

How long did it take you to build up the current set of Jah Vibes Soundsystem?

From the time I got the preamp more than 3 years still till the 18” scoops were finished.

Jah Vibes Soundsystem
Jah Vibes Soundsystem full set
Jah Vibes Soundsystem Controls
Jah Vibes Soundsystem Controls

Who belongs to your crew and what is his function?

Medicine Man is the driver and responsible for logistics. He also helps building speaker boxes and is a big part in organising events and moving the soundsystem. Nasop and Jah Roc are the MCs. Both of them are involved in other projects as well like Treva Massive and Fruit-And Faithful CultJah. Jah Roc is also doing graphic works for Jah Vibes through Negus Studio Graphic Design.

He is also a big part in moving and setting up the soundsystem when we play in Cologne. Ojt is doing great quality session recordings and is helping out with technical advice. There are more people involved in the running of sessions in Cologne, some regularly, and some from time to time. More helping hands are always welcome.

How often do you play the full set during a year?

Not often enough! In 2010 we played 4 times, the first three editions of Dub Gathering, which we started that year and Dub Academy VI. In 2011 we played 3 times so far. We will still go to Switzerland and hopefully organise at least one more Dub Gathering this year.

What was the farthest journey you have done with Jah Vibes Soundsystem?

550 km. The Soundsystem Meeting with Jah Vibes ls. Jah Roots HiFi and Melchizedek Hi-Powa at 48-Hour-Dub-Marathon in Olten/CH on 18th of June will be the first time we play outside Germany!

Jah Vibes Soundsystem in session
Jah Vibes Soundsystem in session

Please name your top 5 artists and top 5 producers.

It is so hard to do this. With singers I couldn’t even start, there are too many to mention. With regard to producers/studios I would name Augustus Pablo, Yabby You and Channel One (JA). With regard to UK I will also name three: King Earthquake, Keety Roots, Kibir La Amlak. But I could go on for ever. In contrast to some I do like plenty of recent UK/Europe/US/Asia productions.

Do you run something else next to the soundsystem?

Last year we started our label Debtera Records with three releases so far. Give thanks to the singers and players of instruments who contribute and work with I&I.

Any suggestions for people who would like to start their own sound system?

Bring dedication and endurance.

Technical Rider of Jah Vibes Soundsystem


  • JTS 4-way preamp
  • Technics SL1200 MkII
  • Cortex HDC 500 wave media player
  • No CD player (We have to borrow that in case guests need it.)


  • FFA 8000
  • Void Infinite 6
  • Infinite x5
  • QSC RMX 850


  • 4 x PD 186 (Bass)
  • 4 x PD 1550 (low mids)
  • 4 x PDs on 12” (high mids)
  • piezos for tops (hopefully soon to be replaced by 1” compression horn drivers)


  • Boss RDD 20 + RDD 10 (delay)
  • a siren from France
  • JTS siren SE10
  • Synare 3
  • Amdek PCK-100

Anything else:


Jah Vibes Soundsystem in session

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