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In Jamaica Reggae artist come up to the surface as fast as bubbles in a tub. Some of them burst, some of them are meant to stay like young artist Nature. Benjamin Gruner gave Nature a call and talked about the beginning and future of his career and the message Nature would like to spread amongst his listeners.

Tell me about your first steps in the music scene.

Nature: My music career starts in the age of 9 when I perform at school. It was a good vibe, my older sister went to this school, too. There was a concert held there, down in St. James, and I perform there. In 2002 I took part in a music competition. All schools in St. James participated and I represent my school with the song „Mercy I Pray“.

After 2002 I start sing around the place Montego Bay. It was quite difficult. I got a 9 to 5 job in a hotel. I went to Stage Shows try to get some exploration. Then I realize, I wasn’t satisfied. Only music alone can set life free. Give up the 5 to 9 in order to spend more time with my music. After that I moved to Kingston and went trough some sufferation.

At this time I went to Big Ship and Freddy McGregor saw me and said: „Ey, yo, this youth is stuff!“ I voice two songs and thats nice. I used to be around King Jammys and signed a contract with him as well in 2005. I voice couple of songs there. I learned a lot, to be more versatile and to become a good studio artist.

Then I met Heart of Love Productions. We decided to buy the management contract from Jammys and release songs like „Hold On“, „Waisting Time“ and „Most High God“. Right now I have my own production label NaturePower Productions. We will release two song like „Hear We Go Again“ and „Council Of Jah“ with two videos.

Reggae artist Nature marches for Jah Army
Reggae artist Nature marches for Jah Army (c) gisi

What impress you mostly, when you came to Europe. What was different compared to Jamaica?

I alway thought, everywhere in the world are people who love different type of things. But its very good to know that in the wider world people love reggae music that much. I got more respect for the artists who been there before me like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff. All these people who have permit this way.

Its a honour for me, a young artist who come continue the work in my own way. I think people love the vibes of Nature. And I love the people and the most high work! What you give, you get back too. I personally came to Europe and my feedback was good. I have no problem. Reggae music is suppose to be about Love & Unity, bring people together instead of bring violence.

Some people thing reggae music is about the clash thing, violence and war. But for me its all about positive songs. Songs that take away the pressure from the people. Songs, that is reaching to the bigger head and tellin them „yeah take time for the people dem“ (smiles). I have children so I have to think about next generation!

What kind of message you want to tell with your songs?

What really happen is this. Many people in the world think similar. If you are a artist who think positive, try to make a better world you will be not much different from the other artist who want the same thing. Everyone is different really, in their own way.

But I like to look at this as a team. Another man out there who is doing good music – I’m just a part of that team with that man. I don’t see myself as this different and all these things. The most high is not about difference. It’s about love other people to create a bigger impact in a positive way, the team of most high god.

People have to tell me the different, but I’m just a man who will just do the things I feel I have to do. If it is good music that I’m doing, you have to feel it. Everyone is different, maybe you have a different dance on stage (smiles).

What are your plans for the future and the album?

Yes, we plan the album right now, I have to do this. We are hoping that we will come back to Europe with an album ready. This is one of the main plans for me. Put an album together, before summer. Album is very important. We are working to hard for this. Soon I will go to Australia in December. Plant some seed for the future. My favourite tune at the moment is the combination „Trample Dem“ with Erup.

Tell me about it!

Yeah, really nice song. Me and Erup live in the same community and he’s a bedren of me,
too. There is a studio down the road where I live. So he come around and said: „Yo
Nature. We have to do a combination, Star!“ So he was always saying that, but sometimes I was a bit busy too. So one night he was repeating this again: „Yoo what gwaan my youth?!“ So I said alright. I come back in 10 minutes and we deal with it.

I went back to the studio and said to the engineer: „Start the riddim!“. Riddim start and right away the song come to me. I start to sing, sing, sing and the people said its tuff! I sayed: „Ok, no time to waist right now!“ I went in the voicing box – boom! Did my part and come out. Erup went in and run the thing same way. Erup is a good artist for me, too!

The last word is up to you!

I just want to say, I love people. Me deserve the people and I think we’re here to deserve each other ultimatly. I’m here to deserve the people through music. Try to put the most high first, whatever I do. We’re not perfect, but I’m trying my best. Give thanks, respect to all my fans out there. Give thanks to everyone who love Nature, because like I sayed: „Yoo, Nature love you”(smiles).

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