REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009: Gewinner

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Die Gewinner des weltweiten „REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009“-Contests stehen fest. Fast zwei Monate haben wir und die Jury gebraucht, um uns durch die vielen Beiträge von Reggae-Artists, Produzenten und Soundsystems durchzuhören und sie zu bewerten. Vielen Dank an alle Teilnehmer und alle, die „REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009“ unterstützt haben.

REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009 Artists – Gewinner

  1. Justice (USA)
  2. Dirty Addi (France)
  3. Dan I Locks (Sweden)
  4. Don Sharicon (Germany)

REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009 Producers – Gewinner

  1. Raggattack (Spain)
  2. Rock Radio Hermes (France)
  3. Speakah (Netherlands)
  4. Lab Frequency (Italy)

REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009 Sounds/DJs – Gewinner

  1. Bass Rock (Germany)
  2. Shack-A-Lack (Portugal)
  3. Rebel Lion (UK)
  4. Better Must Come (Netherlands)

Stimmen aus der Jury

“I am very respectful of the amount of great talent and enthusiastic people out there who love and practice Reggae music. It’s hard times now for up and coming artists and producers as the music business is so competitive, so give thanks for the ones who made it to the finals of this competition. Good luck to everyone involved and never give up your dreams. One Love and Jah Bless.” Earl 16

“I was very impressed with all the work submitted by both artists & producers. Each contestant showed competance, skill and had something unique to offer. Those I chose were the ones that I feel had that something little different that stood out to my ears. I would like to encourage all contestants to continue what they are doing because they are all bright and shining stars.” Afrikan Simba


Das “REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009”-Team bedankt sich ganz herzlich bei allen Teilnehmern, allen Unterstützern und der Jury. Bleibt am Ball, verbindet euch mit einander und bringt Reggae voran in der Welt. Falls ihr Kontakte zu teilnehmenden Artists oder Produzenten braucht, helfen wir euch gern weiter.

One Blessed Love

Nils. Ohne E. Mit Hut.
Schmeißt den Laden hier. Mag Reggae und Rub-a-Dub mit Bass. Und manchmal HipHop. Liebt echte Soundsystems. Schreibt auch für's Riddim Magazin. Musiktipps gern an: nils(at)houseofreggae(dot)de

3 Gedanken zu „REGGAE GOT TALENT 2009: Gewinner

  1. reggae got talent team,

    I would like to thank you all for the possibility you have given us do a musical journey with the solo vocal.
    much apprecilove the challenge.. and proud of the remix.

    Honestly, i’am very happy to be in the top 3 for producer competition…. it just push me forward to do music and that a good joy for me as i take it as encouragement for what i do.

    thank you all for the time you had taken for lesson to our job !

    and of course a big big up to all the participants !!! may our road cross soon !

    give thanks

    yannis aka rock radio hermes

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